How to contribute to make your kids listen to and understand your words?

Contribute to positive communication between the mother and the boys in facilitating dialogue between them easy and leaves no room for disagreement access but, unfortunately, the followers may be difficult for the mother because her children do not understand always as they are also not absorbed in some cases, and the most important tips that will make your children listen to you , are:

• Try you will make yourself the age of your children; while you want your children to hear you already, you will make yourself try their age. Look them in the eyes and Speak softly and slow and say what I wanted to say. Do not be vague and do not try to make your children's vocabulary sympathize with you wrong. Encourage your children to look into your eyes may not pay attention to what you are trying to say. The most important point is that you listen to them too.

Use simple words; Some of the errors that may have committed the boys to kill the parental ask a lot of questions and waiting for answers that they know previously by extracting the smile of boys who shake their heads when you see their faces to you. Speak with your children and can understand the words, and go in directly in the heart of the matter and if they feel they do not understand, ask them to repeat what I said. Use short sentences and if used new vocabulary, Ask them if they understand you.

ÇĎÎáí heart of the matter directly; try to Tosali your thoughts to the boys quickly nor Tdjalehm Asamon to talk with you and only lost their attention. If you do you will be asked for more details of these understand what you talking about, has the boys refrain from listening to you, you may Tghebrenhm on it but they will not do so you do not pray with them to such a degree.

• Do not Taatzmra in front of them; make sure that if you complained you will not listen to you, but your children will spend considering you and leave you alone Taatklim. Remember what they like and Saeidihm to understand what you are trying to say without explanation redo several times

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