How Tnglbe the wrath of your baby

Anger is considered as a very natural reaction when all the people, and also children, but of course, that the child does not feel quite angry as persons adult. Angry child wants to send a message of what you Zahrtna mother or expression for something you feel.

The angry baby because of his need to lactation or to change a nappy or to provide affection or because he feels unwell or colic. The child who began Balahbu and crawling, he expresses his anger if he fails to perform what he thinks. The child's intelligence has dazzled Zahrtna, it may take advantage of your weakness in front of him and seems to be anger if you do not do what he wants.

In order to Tnglbe on your child's anger; If your child is an infant, try to provide milk to him in the beginning and then someone else has a nappy and affectionate midst of his feet, and if the attempt fails, it indicates that your child has what unwell.

As if he was trying to crawl and walk, Vsaeidih so as not to feel angry, but if he wants to carry the purpose of what you do not want to give it to him, here you distracting his attention to something else as a campaign to the window to see what abroad.

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