Guide the do's and don'ts for children backfire


Make parents effort in the education of their children healthy lifestyle based on wholesome foods and attendance at exercise, and to achieve this purpose warns Andrea Imbik, director of nutrition and motor activities the German capital Berlin, the parents of forcing the child their children to eat foods or practice certain activities, because it often lead to negative results, according to published German news agency.

Instead of steering commands and prohibitions of the child, the parents confirmed the German expert it is better to recognize parents on their child's personal preferences; may prefer a child, for example, more than eating apples or bananas, for example, prefers soccer practice more than cycling outdoors. Thus, the child will deal with healthy food and exercise sport without forcing.

For its part, confirmed that Imbik completely prevent children from eating sweets and snacks Kriqaúq fries, etc., would be counterproductive, too. Instead, the German expert advises parents Pthabib children in healthy food through to accustom them to eat meals together at the table of ornate for example, or by involving them in the cooking process.

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