Benefits of honey for Infant Toddler

Always talk about the substance of honey remind Quranic verse {wherein is healing for people} Almighty God, honey is one of the most important natural products filled the benefits enormous human health, and in light of these benefits must be pointed to the benefits of honey for the infant, especially after the first year, it is is necessary to pay attention to these mothers that give information where the child before its first honey may cause diseases harmful to children's health.
There are several benefits of honey for the infant mention in the following points:
- Honey handles more problems with bedwetting child, especially if this phenomenon continues until after the third year of his age, and are advised to give the child a small spoonful of honey a day, where a medicine is absorbed by the water from the body and prevents Taboula he slept.
- Honey absorbs moisture, it has the ability to absorb water to the weight of the child to grow by 33%.
- Honey contains protein, vitamins and minerals, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and iodine needed to build the body build strong children.
- Honey contains barley, yeast that transforms ammonia into sugar, which helps to activate and strengthen the baby's stomach, as is the honey of antibiotics deadly bacteria and germs.
To complete the benefits of honey for the infant, there are some medical Aloutvat containing honey for child nutrition:
- Treatment of tonsillitis in children: eat a tablespoon before eating or two hours after meals three hours laced with fish oil, is very useful.
- The treatment of colds and colds in children: a spoonful of honey mixed with a large cup of warm milk or add a spoonful of honey with half a cup of lemon juice natural.
- Inflammation of the sinuses in children: put a small piece of wax with honey for a quarter of an hour, and repeat this process every day from five to six times, to get the best results, and advised to continue this treatment from seven to ten days.
- The treatment of cough or lung diseases in children: a small cup of honey added to it a teaspoon of ginger with lemon juice, and takes the child from this mix a tablespoon three times a day.
Honey remains of the most important natural materials filled with benefits that ran along the maternal and child benefit, in addition to the distinctive sweet taste favored by a lot of children instead of medicine.

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